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Update by user Aug 06

Update June 7, 2017 - Just a quick update to the evidence that I was singled out for some reason and interrogated when others are given a pass for photographing and as the last update shows, Smith's actually puts up displays that encourage photography in the store despite their "policy" of no photography.While I was shopping on June 7, I was by the meat department and I noticed a mother videoing her daughter of about 5 years old or so.

She continued to videotape the daughters shopping experience for what looked like the entire time that they were in the store which seemed to be about 20 minutes. I thought it was cute that the mother wanted to shot a video about her daughters experience however what about the store policy for no photography? Usually there are store employees working around the meat department to restock and because the location is in a major walkway, usually store employees walk back and forth between the back and the front of the store. Not one person said anything to the lady about in-store photography and no one took her to the breeze way and scolded her in front of what might be the in store security.

The reason I believe they didn't say anything to her is because I lost track of her until I was at the checkout location and I saw her continuing to video her daughter.

I walked by thinking it was so unfair to take me aside and brow beat me for taking a couple pictures when this lady takes a 20 minute video of her daughter while they shop and no one says a word to her.So as I past the self checkout line, I snapped a photograph of the lady - Unfortunately her daughter is behind a store employee and it's not clear what the lady is doing other than looking at her phone, I didn't dare take any more photographs, and after this one I walked quickly out of the store fearing retribution from some social justice warrior sneaking around looking for middle aged white guys to pick on.

Original review posted by user May 20

May 20, 2017 Update - It’s been about a year since this problem happened and I wanted to update my experiences between now and then.First, I wanted to update all on the name of the person that scolded me: Her name is Ammber, a short kind of chunky blondish manager and I think her name is spelled with two “m’s”.

After considering why someone would come after me like an offended little chi Wawa, I believe that 1) she is for sure a millennial 2) out to prove a point. 3) I’m pretty sure she liberal female and SJW and since she has to follow the rules of the SJW’s she must attack white heterosexual men. I also wanted to let people know that I sent letters to the corporate offices that contained the information posted – I haven’t heard a peep from them what so ever. I shop at Smith’s Food and Drug occasionally and the people are friendly (since the management makes them – Yes, I asked) – I really don’t like their false friendliness however since I know it’s just an act.

They also seemed to contradict their no photographing in their store rule with a display of a Mexican man and Senorita with cutout faces so people can stick their heads in and take pictures by the Mexican beer display; and yes I took a picture of it! - Check it out! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- May 30, 2016 In April I was confronted by a manager at a local Smith’s Food and Drug store for taking pictures in their store. A store manager asked me to stop and I did.

She then got security and another manager and proceeded to interrogate me. For about 10 minutes, they cross-examined me in front of customers and detained me while they accosted me verbally in an angry, aggressive way. I contacted Kroger management about the situation and asked the local store management to address the situation and contact me with a response to an investigation of the local store management. Below is the letter I sent to Kroger Corporate Management - For which I have yet to receive a reply, therefore; I am posting the letter to Pissed Customer web site for public review and comment, maybe a response from Kroger as to how they can interrogate and embarrass me in the breezeway of their store in front of their customers and why they would do that to a customer (me) after shopping at their store for the past 30 years or so.

Take a look at the letter, leave a comment or contact Kroger and let me know if they respond to you. Thank you for consideration – Video7|------------------------------------------------------------------------| April, 11 2016 Jessica C. AdelmanGroup Vice President, Corporate Affairs Kroger Executive Offices1014 Vine Street Cincinnati, Ohio 45202-1100 To Whom It May Concern / Kroger Management Team This letter is to raise awareness to Kroger Management of local Smith’s Food and Drug management harassing customers. An incident occurred while I was at the Smith’s Food and Drug store at 2434 N 400 E St, North Ogden, Utah.

After finishing shopping and while waiting for my wife, with cell phone in hand, I snapped a few pictures testing out the resolution and zoom capabilities of my new phone’s camera. Not too long after and while deleting the pictures I had taken, an apparent store manager sat down beside me on the bench and asked me what I was doing. I indicated that I was deleting some photos I had taken and she asked me not to take pictures in the store – No problem I said and showed her my phone while I deleted the last picture. To this point, I was bothered about the incident and indicated that I wasn’t aware of a store policy and indicated that I hadn’t read anything that said that no pictures were allowed.

Hoping that this was the end of the situation, she left and I put my phone away and continued waiting for my wife. Note: At this point there were no photographs on my phone other than the ones I came in with. The situation of the female manager was understandable if the store policy is not to take pictures in the store – When she left and I put my phone away, end of story. Problem solved.

Go about your business… A minute or two later, the same manager came to me and asked me if she could have a word with me. Being cordial I agreed. Here is where the problem with your local store management begins. I was escorted to the "breezeway" between the outer doors of the store and the entrance to the store.

There, I was met by two additional (male) people. One appeared to be a general manager and the other by way of the way he was dressed appeared to be an undercover security manager. For approximately 10 minutes, the three (including the female manager) interrogated me and asked me repeatedly "why you were photographing…", "who were you photographing…", asking me about scenarios about "how would you feel if" and "she felt threatened…" without even knowing if the person they were talking about was even the subject of the photograph and they wouldn’t verify who they were talking about. Remember, this incident was perpetrated by three people, apparently managers, all three of them cross-examining me for 10 minutes or so and this was after the issue was resolved.

The purpose for this "gestapo" type tactic appeared to try to make me "feel bad" for taking a photograph (which was deleted prior to and during the manager sitting down next to me.) – The "Naziistic" "gestapo" tactic for interrogating me away from the security cameras in the breezeway is unacceptable and at the extreme, potentially against the law by harassing me and completely unnecessary since the situation was over. It appears that the only reason to talk to me was to brow beat me and shame me with her acquired "muscle". Now it was three against one. The situation continued until I started to get upset but not quite shouting: "I HAVE NOT DONE ANYTHING WRONG!" "THERE WAS NO SUPPOSITION OF WRONG DOING ON MY PART" "THERE IS NO PUBLISHED PHOTOGRAPHY POLICY FOR TAKING PICTURES IN THE STORE!" – "YOU ARE TREATING ME LIKE I CAME IN HERE BRANDISHING A WEAPON!" The female manager replied "I don’t want you back…" to which I interrupted "In the store???" and she continued "let me finish" I don’t want you back in the store if you are going to be taking pictures" to which I indicated "no problem".

Ironically this entire incident was captured on security cameras in the store (other than the encounter in the breezeway) – One display monitor indicates "This store is under 24/7 surveillance for your safety", I still don’t feel safe. Listed below are articles with general legal advice (specific advice must come from an attorney; this is understood.) According to legal information available on the web: Taking photographs and video of things that are plainly visible in public spaces is a constitutional right – www.aclu.org IX. Private parties have very limited rights to detain you against your will, and can be subject to legal action if they harass you. [bold and underline mine] - content.photojojo.com In summary, your company has the right to ask me not to take pictures in your store or on your property but your company does not have the right to cross examine or harass me - this is an unfortunate and needless situation where 1) my civil rights may have been violated 2) made me feel like a criminal 3) tried to make me feel as if I were a stocker 4) presumed that I was guilty of a crime and she and her acquired muscle was judge, jury and was dispensing the punishment for breaking their law 5) embarrassing – Why are these people cross-examining me in the breezeway Here are my final thoughts:• I expect to review this incident with my attorney for the next while prior to making a conclusion as to how to proceed.

• I have not sworn off shopping at Kroger stores for now but will seriously consider shopping elsewhere when convenient. • I wished I would have captured the incident on video (for my safety) • Based on advice from my attorney expect that this information will be shared with the on-line community. • Request response from your North Ogden store management as to why they would gang up and harass a customer after the situation was closed (I was sitting on the bench when I was approached the second time.) Sincerely, Review about: Kroger Management.

I liked: Have great products, Value of their produces is average, Nice stores.I didn't like: Store management hostile.

Review about: Smiths Food And Drug Centers Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1.

I liked: Checkers and store personnel that i have known for 20 years.

I didn't like: Sjw managers who attack people.

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